Our Services

Our company acts as a one stop shop for clients offering a variety of services that cover the whole spectrum of activities relating to real estate. A more detailed analysis of what we can offer to our clients is provided below:

Selling, buying, letting, renting, buy-to-sell and buy-to-let

S. Droussiotis Real Estates Ltd provides an array of specialist services across the residential and commercial sectors. We rely on our 30 years of experience in the real estate business to efficiently and productively manage all the different aspects relating to buying, owning and selling immovable property in Cyprus. In addition, by utilizing our vast experience, impeccable reputation, and notable size, we continuously expand our core real estate business by also offering several supporting/ancillary services. The core objective is none other than to provide a turn-key value proposition to our clients targeted to minimizing risks and improving our clients’ return on investment.

Property Management

Our firm provides complete and extensive property management services, including detailed financial management and real-time reporting, lease administration, marketing and advertising campaigns, procurement of services, preventive and recurring maintenance, capital improvement management, energy conservation programs, legal compliance programs, emergency procedures, payroll services, and tenants’ relations management.

The need of property investors to generate maximum returns from the clients’ assets is increasingly important and property management advice is invaluable and essential in achieving this.

Our property management services extend to cover all areas and asset types from large scale shopping centers to rural estates, with our teams proving advice on different services ranging from facilities management to contract projects for single assets or full portfolios.

Financing your investment

We have the knowledge and dedicated specialists to assist clients in order to obtain financing form banks or financial institutions and can liaise on their behalf with such banks or financial institutions, both nationally and internationally. Our well-entrenched long term relationship with all the major banks in Cyprus as well as the personal relationship we have established with certain key high level executives at many such banks, coupled with the good name and impeccable credibility we have built over the years in the banking sector, allows and enables us to assist and facilitate our clients by ensuring a smooth financing process and by securing for them, wherever they are, the best possible and cost effective financing arrangements with banks.

Whether investing in a home, buy-to-let property or a portfolio of assets, our dedicated specialist finance team can help you make intelligent property investment decisions based on the market and sector insights.

Insurance Products & Services

Our in-house expert (Chartered Insurance Professional – ACII) can assist and arrange to put in place insurance coverage for any activities you may require including "Constructions All Risks”, property insurance, contents, life, health, and general liability insurance. We cooperate closely with all major insurance firms on the island and at the same time we have access to international insurers (such as Lloyds and other) so as to be able to meet each client’s specific needs.

Legal & Financial Advice

The process of buying and selling property in a foreign country will most certainly involve different procedures and requirements that are different to those the prospective foreign buyer or seller is accustomed to his own country. Therefore obtaining legal advice is not just recommended but is essential to make any such process a smooth and painful experience and ensure that the interests of all parties involved are fairly and properly safeguarded.

S. Droussiotis Real Estates Ltd can offer clients excellent financial and legal advice through esteemed financial advisors and prominent legal firms with which our company is connected and/or cooperates.