Cyprus is a beautiful island-country that elegantly combines modern European culture with an ancient Mediterranean legacy. An island that offers majestic beaches, impressive mountain ranges, vineyards and olive groves, ancient ruins, picturesque villages and friendly locals, all of which will tingle your senses and  stir your imagination.  Its warm and pleasant climate can not be more alluring, as it enjoys 300 days of sunshine with very mild winters.  Cyprus is without a doubt a unique real estate location to consider either for you retirement, a holiday home or for investment and if you need more convincing, please read on.

This is a democratic country with a liberal market economy and membership of the European Union.  It has a strategic location at the cross-roads of three continents (Europe, Africa and Asia) with excellent air and sea transport routes to Europe, the Middle East and the North of Africa.  Thanks to its modern road network, extensive port facilities and two international airports, travel and transport in and beyond Cyprus is fast, efficient and economical.  Investment in local infrastructure has also transformed the island into a major telecommunications hub in the region, both in terms of cable and satellite, which ranks amongst the best in the world.

Easy of transport is strongly supported by ease of communication as in Cyprus English is widely spoken, a remnant of British colonialism.  Even though Greek is the mother-tongue, road signs and restaurant menus are available in the English language. A good number of media such as newspapers, local radio stations, and television programmes are in English.  Finally, a variety of high-standard private schools operate in all towns, catering for the needs of foreign speaking pupils from primary to tertiary education.

This high standard of both private and public school systems and universities in Cyprus has created a highly qualified and multilingual labour force on the island.  This has facilitated in the development of a strong services-based economy. The country is known for its very modern and efficient legal, accounting, and banking services which are based in English practices and are second to none.   

A carefree and safe country the crime rate here is extremely low compared with many European countries.  Cyprus also has a well established health services system and a high level of medical and pharmaceutical care. Apart from the state hospitals, a lot of private clinics operate in all the provinces.  Combined this with a relative low cost of living and a free society, it means that people living in Cyprus enjoy an exceptional lifestyle and top quality of life.  

We hope that all of the above has at least triggered your interest in considering this beautiful island-country at the corner of the Mediterranean for your real estate investment.  All you need is the right, trusted partner on the ground to help you through the process.  

See the buyer’s guide for more specific information on Cyprus property investments and read more about S.Droussiotis Real Estates Ltd as a company.